Since 1990, our products have been developed, produced and distributed worldwide in Herbrechtingen in southern Germany. We see ourselves first and foremost as a service provider, offering our customers first-class service through competent advice and a high degree of flexibility.

    Our products are guaranteed to seal building penetrations, such as core drillings, watertight and gas-tight. Quality and safety are our top priorities. For complex problems, we offer individual special designs to meet every need. Our customers can rely on personal and competent advice worldwide.

    UGA SYSTEM-TECHNIK is a proud partner of IWK Holding. Together, we offer our customers a broad product range structure, conveying security, stability and reliability.


    This is Us!

    Our values and vision

    To protect values sustainably, we will develop into the leading manufacturer and application provider for safe building penetrations and waterproofing by continuing to grow and operate internationally. Our cohesion with other people ensures that we are committed and ready when it matters. Full of the will to innovate, we are quickly on the spot with personal and competent advice and share our knowledge. So that each of our customers gets exactly what they need to safely master their future challenges.

    Us for you!

    Customized solutions

    Pragmatic solutions are often required on construction sites to make cables and pipelines gas- and water-tight. Where standard solutions are no longer sufficient, UGA supplies suitable special components. We will be happy to discuss possible solutions to your specific technical questions with you and stand by your side. We are sure to find the right solution.


    Unser Service für Sie

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    Quality warranty

    Quality and safety are our top priorities. Since 1990, all products have been developed and produced in Germany.


    Expert advice

    We see ourselves as a service provider that offers its customers first-class service through expert advice and a high degree of flexibility.

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    Global distribution

    Our solutions meet the demand precisely and are there where they are needed at the right time. With this reliability, you can plan with confidence.


    Training services

    We are happy to offer you free product training at your business premises. We bring you up to date in a compact form.