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    Every house needs supply pipes for gas, water, electricity and telecommunications. UGA offers a wide range of solutions for a safe house installation.

    Convince yourself of our multi-compartment house lead-ins. With our agile service you can put together your individual package and thus save costs and waste.

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    Multi-compartment house lead-ins

    Multi-compartment house lead-ins


    Foundation entry BO-PLA is an ideal system for leading through cables and pipes in buildings without cellars with solid base plates (telecommunications, electricity and water). Through an intelligent complete system, plastic waste can be massively minimised, in contrast to the common single and multi-compartment house lead-ins. An integrated cable protection system meets the requirements of energy suppliers and leads cables and pipes safely through underneath the base plate. The BO-PLA system offers more flexibility for non-uniform cable and pipe trenches.

    • Foundation entry with integrated wall collar and cable protection system
    • Installation in waterproof concrete constructions (class 1 and 2)
    • Sleeve-free installation below the foundation plate
    • Individual hose length to suit the construction site situation
    up to 1 bar
    up to 2,5 bar

    Multi-compartment house lead-ins

    Quadro-Secura® Basic R4

    Single house lead-in as round version. Multi-compartment house lead-in as in-line version with adhesive flange according to DIN 18533 for connecting seals or radon foils on the base plate. Use in buildings yet to be built For four trades: gas, water, electricity and telecommunications or for multiple occupancy of individual different trades (without gas).

    • Continuously variable module sealing for water and energy
    • Bending-resistant and tear-out-proof casing pipes for compliance with bending radiuses
    • later replacement of the media pipe possible (railing)
    • Can be used for all common flexible gas house entry combinations
    • No on-site leak test according to DVGW G459-1 required

    Multi-compartment house lead-ins

    Quadro-Secura® Nova 1/breit

    Seal multi-compartment house lead-in on both sides. Use in wall sleeve or waterproof concrete core drilling (white trough) provided by the customer. Trades: gas, water, electricity and telecommunications. Ideal for double / element walls.

    • Corrosion-free and electrically non-conductive due to manufacture from high-performance plastic
    • Stepless module seals for water and energy
    • Extremely easy installation and low component weight
    • Easy assignment of the trade sealing through symbol labelling
    • Wide outer seal covers prefabricated concrete shell and core concrete
    • Exterior seal with ITL system for optimum contact pressure
    • Installation without torque screwdriver

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    Every house needs supply pipes for gas, water, electricity and telecommunications. UGA offers a wide range of solutions for a safe house installation.


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