Difficult installation situations require special solutions. UGA SYSTEM-TECHNIK is your specialist for customised special components that are made individually for each customer. To ensure that every structure is protected from water and gas, we come to the construction site, take measurements and deliver the custom-fit solution. Benefit from our many years of experience, unique service and fast delivery times. We accompany you with your project from planning to implementation.

    What are customized solutions?

    Do you have asquare hole wall instead of a standard core bore? Then you need a special solution to securely seal your construction site situation. Special solutions are custom-made for special cases on your construction site. In contrast to standard solutions, special drawings and occupancy testing by our technicians are required here. Your personal contact in the field will help you to measure for the right solution.

    Examples for customized solutions


    8 cables run out of a square core hole. In addition, the cables are rigid and can only be moved minimally. Two of them run out of the core bore at an angle. There is too much free space here - a simple rubber press seal is not enough.

    UGA solutions:

    Sealed by a split stem flange with rubber press seals. The two angled cables are sealed by a casing tube with GPD in the angle.

    These points are convincing:

    • Secure sealing
    • Simple installation due to split version
    • Even cables running at an angle are perfectly sealed


    Cables are to be installed in a concrete wall with oblique core drillings facing backwards.


    With the help of a pre-assembly flange, where the FU-NA is welded on at an angle, the cable is sealed by a split GPD.


    • Securely sealed
    • Retrofit installation due to split GPD
    • Individual GPDs


    Cable in a square core bore. Cables are stiff and can only be moved minimally. Two of them come out of the core bore at an angle. A lot of free space - a basic GPD is not enough.


    Sealing by split stem flange and rubber press seals. The two angled cables are sealed by an FU wall sleeve including a GPD.


    • Securely sealed
    • Simple assembly due to split version
    • Even angled cables perfectly sealed


    Many cables in a core drilling - lying there without structure.


    All cables sealed by a stem flange with a split rectangular rubber press seal.


    • Securely sealed
    • Easy installation due to split rubber press seal
    • Available space for more cables


    Do you need a customized solution?

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