Seal larger PV systems with inverters!

    Photovoltaic systems installed on industrial buildings, for example, offer ever greater peak power. This makes more powerful devices such as inverters necessary. This poses a challenge when it comes to sealing the cable penetrations through the roof. In this blog post, you can find out what problem this creates, how we solve it and which product we now produce almost as standard instead of as a special solution.


    What problem does this cause?

    The installed inverters for the PV systems require the laying of AC supply cables, which are often 185 mm². These have a diameter of 25 mm or even larger. This makes the cables more rigid and they can only be routed through our seals with a large bending radius. Our roof ducts, such as the gooseneck, reach their limits due to the curvature.

    How did we solve this?

    The solution is an adhesive and/or fixed/loose flange construction, which is welded on with straight pipe sleeves at a 45° angle. This allows the cables to be fed through easily without being severely bent. The fixed/loose flange construction is manufactured in accordance with DIN 18533. Pipe diameter, base plate and the intermediate length between base plate and fixed/loose flange are manufactured to customer specifications. The conduit sleeves through which the cables are routed are sealed watertight and gas-tight with a suitable rubber press seal (GPD).

    Our DD-PV

    Our roof bushing for PV systems (DD-PV) is made entirely of V2A stainless steel and is also suitable for retrofitting. Thanks to its stainless steel design, the DD-PV is resistant to high static loads and ideal for feeding through AC, DC and control cables.

    It is also suitable for

    • sheet-shaped sealing materials with optional EPDM coating,
    • liquid-applied waterproofing materials (KMB; PMBC) with optional fleece and
    • fresh concrete composite foil with suitable sealing adhesive if necessary.


    Here is a voice from the Technical Manager Alex Berhardt from Avantag Energy:


    Alexander Berhardt

    Technical Manager

    “With UGA, we always have a reliable partner at our side who responds quickly, takes care of us as a customer in the long term and has a tailor-made solution for each of our very individual applications!”