Flexible and efficient: the KD110 cable entry system at a glance!

    Today we take a closer look at the world of cable ducts and present the KD110! In this blog post, we'll show you what it is, what functions it offers and what variants are possible. 🙌🏽

    What exactly is the KD110? 🤔

    The KD110 is the tried-and-tested cable entry system with an internal diameter of 110 mm and a conical sealing system that enables optimum connection of 110 mm cable protection conduits. Thanks to their innovative click system, the cable ducts can be easily packaged and flexibly adapted, enabling variable package formation. With minimal installation effort, the KD110 provides a secure seal against water ingress. The system offers numerous connection options and is compatible with other cable entry systems. Thermo-shrink sleeves TM are supplied as standard with the system covers, or cold shrink sleeves can be selected as an option.
    What are the advantages of the KD110 system? ➕

    • Immediately gas and pressurized water-tight 
    • Permanently reliable sealing 
    • Suitable for hot and cold shrink technology
    • Wide range of variants and connection options 
    • Variable package formation 

    What functions does the KD110 offer? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    The KD110 is a cable entry system with a range of useful functions.

    • Flexibility and adaptability: It can be ordered in all different lengths and designs for your wall construction.
    • Numerous system components: The existing system allows the use of a wide variety of system covers and inserts.
    • Easy installation: Thanks to its sophisticated design, installing the KD110 is simple and straightforward, saving time and labor.

    One system for all requirements! With its versatile functions, the KD110 always offers the right solution for changing requirements on the construction site. There is a choice of single, double, angled and flange gasket packings as well as various system covers, cable protection systems and connection sleeves. The UGA sleeve technology makes it possible to seamlessly connect all types of pipes and hoses with the KD110 system.

    What is the difference to the BKD system? 💡

    Compared to the bayonet cable entry system, the KD110 saves space. If there is a lack of space on your construction site but sealing is still required, the KD110 offers space advantages thanks to its smaller center distance. So you can complete your project without any worries! This is illustrated by the graphic below, which shows that a total of 150 mm length and 60 mm height can be saved with the same package formation of the BKD and KD system.

    20240215_Achsabstand unterschied BKD_KD

    Best test results! 🏆

    The KD110 system achieved excellent test results in terms of gas and pressurized water tightness, which far exceeded the values required in practice.

    • Gas tightness: The partial pressure directly after the test setup was 5.4 x 10-6 mbar. This is an excellent value, as the partial pressure of helium in the air is approx. 4.8 x 10-6 mbar.
    • Water pressure tightness: There was no liquid leakage
    • Destruction test
      KD110-D (Blinddeckel)   5 Bar
      KD110-D-1/80                20,24 Bar
      KD110-D-3/46                19,28 Bar
      KD110-E-WE/3x32         12,37 Bar

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