End of Training for Andreas Stobert

    We are delighted that another chapter has been written in the UGA success story. After an inspiring training period, our Andreas Stobert has successfully completed his training and is now part of our HR team!

    Welcome Andi🎉

    It's always a special time when we see a graduate of our training programs enter the next phase of their professional life. Today we celebrate Andreas Stobert, who started his journey with us on September 1, 2021 and has now successfully completed his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. During his training, Andreas went through the various departments from production to commercial areas such as quotation and order processing, purchasing or human resources. During his journey, he was able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company's business processes and learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation. However, the journey is not over yet. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to recruit our Andi for the HR department. He will be responsible for tasks such as time management, on/offboarding, applicant management and personnel organization. We would like to congratulate Andreas Stobert on his milestone and thank him for his commitment and dedication during his training. His commitment and willingness to take on new challenges have made him a valuable member of our team.

    But what does Andreas himself have to say about his apprenticeship at UGA SYSTEM-TECHNIK?

    Andreas Stobert

    My time at UGA was not just an apprenticeship, but a fascinating journey of self-discovery and professional development. During these years, I not only acquired commercial knowledge, but also learned how important it is to broaden your own horizons by "learning by doing".

    I was particularly impressed by the central value that UGA places on trust. Right from the start, I was given the confidence to work independently and handle my tasks responsibly. This recognition and support not only contributed to my personal growth, but also led to an atmosphere of mutual appreciation that has continued after my training in the HR department