#1 - Honoured with the German Design Award

    We are delighted that our website has received the German Design Award 2023. Design is more than just "beautiful". With the relaunch of the website, we not only successfully implemented the newly developed corporate design, but also managed the balancing act between quick product information and detailed information with the integration of information levels. 

    The Award. Today more than ever, outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time, promoting thinking in circular models and realising visions of a better world based on the design of actions. Sometimes it is only small changes or ideas that have a big impact, sometimes it is entire business models. The top-class international jury of the German Design Award honours these groundbreaking design achievements - and the German Design Award makes the design trends visible across all sectors in a glittering setting. More information about the German Design Award.

    The team. The relaunch of a website is not a one-man show - there is a lot of effort and teamwork behind it. After the successful implementation of the corporate design, we continued our partnership with Querformat. Together with marketing, product management and sales, the requirements for the new website were developed and conceptually implemented. In addition to the design, the focus was also on its usability.

    The joint success. Our requirements and wishes for the new website were various. Now our products are more clearly structured, at the same time product information is conveyed more easily and technically we are up to date. On top with a cool corporate design and an award with the German Design Award. 😎🏆