Safe fiber optic expansion with UGA - Sealing technology thought as a whole

    In the digital age, there is no way around nationwide broadband availability given the huge volume of data transmission. No other technology is as powerful and flexible as fiber optics. Fast Internet is relevant for everyone: Companies, municipalities and private customers. Certainly for you, too!

    We have developed various products to meet every requirement, while at the same time reverting to long-proven products for fiberglass sealing.

    Our products for a secure fibre optic future

    • GPD-FttH - a rubber press seal for fibre optic house connection without foaming and with fibre optic cover. In addition to the seal, this product set also has a fibre optic cover. This not only covers the drill hole, but the fibre optic cables also find their optimal place in the plastic guide inside. This seal is a universal solution for fibre optic installation and is even suitable for higher load cases.
    • Fibreglass house entry SPE - without foaming also for the application with a black tank. With this product, we make fibre optic installation efficient and safe. The glass fibre house entry SPE has been proven to seal the application with a black trough W2.1-E. Above all, the extremely fast installation and the absence of foaming are convincing.
    • GPD with exchangeable insert - for sealing the cables in the distribution box. The rubber press seal with exchangeable insert is tried and tested and ideal for sealing the distribution level in the cable junction box. Subsequent modification and individual assignment can be carried out quickly and cost-efficiently.
    • MSD FttHR - the fibre optic bushing for the roof. The multiple gable roof feed-through enables the fibre optic cables to be introduced via the roof. Rural regions with wooden poles for power supply are particularly suitable for this type of installation.

    All detailed technical product information on the GPD FttH can be found here or in our fibre optic brochure. We are also happy to help with special situations and find the best possible solution - please contact us for a consultation appointment at your site!