Start of apprenticeship at UGA

    Welcome to UGA! For the start of the apprenticeship in 2022, we welcome four new trainees this year - two in the administration and two in the production. The introductory week is coming to an end. In their first week, the newcomers got to know the different areas of the company and their colleagues. Insights into marketing, accounting or the different areas of production were on the daily schedule. With this little insight, the four will then be assigned to different areas and start their apprenticeship at UGA. We wish you a successful start at UGA and look forward to your personal path to success.

    Our former trainees Jonas and Anastasios are also writing a UGA success story - both completed their apprenticeship as industrial clerks with flying colours this year. That's why we're all the more pleased that both of them will remain loyal to UGA in the future. Anastasios is now a permanent member of the internal sales team and will be on hand to advise on the processing and handling of orders. Jonas will start his dual studies at the DHBW Heidenheim in September and will continue to support us in his practical phase.

    Generation change at UGA. The picture shows our two former and new trainees as well as their trainer and operations manager Frank Itzenga. Front row from left to right: Anastasios Mavridis and Jonas Dambacher. Middle row from left to right: Atilla Girgic (apprenticeship trainer), Sarah Jimenez Rodriguez, Hannah Bischoff. Back row from left to right: Natalie Etti (apprenticeship trainer), Christina Remmele, Ümit Dal, Frank Itzenga.

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    What our former trainees say about their apprenticeship at UGA

    "Here at UGA I get the opportunity to master responsible tasks in a family environment. In addition, UGA offers a wide range of internal and external training opportunities. Our motto: "You never stop learning!" (Anastasios Mavridis)

    "For me, the apprenticeship at UGA meant gaining new experiences every day and continuously expanding my knowledge. With the support of the team, I was able to master the varied and demanding requirements during my apprenticeship and grow personally and professionally. I am happy that the chapter is continuing and that UGA is supporting me on my further career path as a dual student in the business administration-industry department." (Jonas Dambacher)