UGA product innovation: GPD with interchangeable insert and CV connector

    These products reliably seal exposed and embedded corrugated pipes - tested, flexible and fast. On construction sites, we often encounter the following situation: although lining pipes offer better longitudinal water tightness, corrugated pipes are often concreted into floor slabs and walls. But we also offer the right solution for safely sealing this construction site situation!

    Our GPD with exchangeable insert with outside diameters of 93 mm and 137 mm is optimally matched for use with the most common corrugated pipes. Corrugated pipes set in concrete with an outer diameter of 110 mm and 160 mm are sealed in the best possible way. Together with an individually assignable exchangeable insert, we offer maximum flexibility.

    The GPD-CV was developed for sealing exposed corrugated pipes. The CV connector fixes the corrugated pipe from the outside when pressing the seal. With this 2-in-1 variant, the CV connector is already included. The assembly of the product is not only simple, but also safe. Until now, there has been no comparable, tested combination product for the GPD-CV on the market.

    Einbauansicht_GPD mit Wechseleinsatz

    Freiliegende und einbetonierte Wellrohre sicher abdichten – geprüft, flexibel und schnell.

    You can find all detailed technical product information here or browse our brochure online. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions - we will be happy to advise you!