UGA Trainee Day

    Most new trainees know it: you have to familiarise yourself with a lot of new things - new people, new building and above all new tasks. To make initial contacts, strengthen the team spirit between the trainees and get to know each other better, a trainee day was held at UGA for the first time this year.

    The destination for this day's excursion was nearby Ulm. We started early in the morning. After a joint breakfast, during which we discussed current topics in the departments and at school, we went to an Escape Room. One group had the task of uncovering the recipe and secret of the best chocolate. The other group went on an adventure in a forest where it was not quite clear whether they had got lost in a hunter's trap. Together we solved puzzles and supported each other to successfully open the doors with a code at the end. 

    After the Escape Room, a small sightseeing tour of Ulm city centre was on the agenda. We went to the top of Ulm Cathedral, went to the Berblinger Tower and saw the Leaning House. We spent a great afternoon together in beautiful, sunny weather.

    At the end of the great day, we went out for burgers together, reviewed the excursion and got to know each other even better. Our conclusion: The trainee day was a great success all round and definitely calls for a repeat! Fortunately, the management has already agreed to this - so we are already starting to plan. 😉

    A look behind the scenes - Maya Szabo and Sarah Jimenez Rodrigues in dialogue

    Maya: How did you like the trainee day?
    Sarah: I liked the day very much, it was especially fun with all the sports activities. And the weather was good too.
    Maya: What did you like best?
    Sarah: The Escape Room - it presented us with many challenges. We had to stick together and solve puzzles together.
    Maya: What was not so good?
    Sarah: Actually only the parking situation because of the Sprinter. But we can learn from that next year. 
    Maya: You were part of the organising team. Tell us a bit about your tasks. 
    Sarah: First it was about where we were going. Then we agreed on what we wanted to do. First we planned go-karting, but we thought that was too expensive. Then came the idea of the Escape Room and the other low-budget activities. We didn't want to spend an endless amount of money and looked at the costs. 
    Maya: Would you do anything differently now?
    Sarah: We would take two other cars and not the Sprinter, mainly because of the sat nav. I thought everything else was well organised.
    Maya: Do you already have plans for next year?
    Sarah: The plan for next year is go-karting in Günzburg.

    Sarah Jimenez Rodriguez

    Trainee at UGA and part of the Orga-Team