Gaffel Private Brewery



    The Gaffel am Dom is Cologne's most modern brewery and pub and is located in the heart of the city between the main railway station and the cathedral. The house offers space for 700 guests on three levels. The outdoor restaurant has 300 seats. The spacious, bright taproom on the ground floor features long counters, benches and tables as well as cosy corners. Traditional brewery lights, the large copper brewhouse and numerous original copies of historical beer advertisements complete the Rhenish brewery ambience.

    Gaffel carries the most popular Kölsch brand in the gastronomy sector and is one of the leading breweries in the trade. Outside the core sales region of the Rhineland, the company supplies not only the USA but also Canada, Asia, many European countries and the most popular holiday destinations. The brand has become internationally synonymous with Kölsch.

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    Customised solutions from UGA

    The installed products from UGA are specially designed for the existing building situation. This is not a standard product, but a customised special solution.

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    Reliably protecting values with UGA

    The precisely fitting construction seals the building properly and for the long term. Our experts in the field will be happy to support you with your challenge.


    During a renovation of the brewery's roof, cables for a photovoltaic system had to be fed through the roof and reliably sealed. The challenge was a closed trapezoidal roof and thick, inflexible cables. A standard product such as a swan-neck roof entry was therefore not suitable for a watertight sealing. A gladly accepted challenge for UGA to prove itself as a special solution expert! #challengeaccepted

    First, a square drilling is made in the ceiling and a base plate is attached for the later solution. Attaching a fixed-loose flange construction with integrated wall sleeves at a 45° angle allows the cable route to be laid. The cables lead through the wall sleeve and are sealed with the help of a rubber press seal. Here, too, a solution with an overlaying flange is used to prevent the rubber press seal from slipping into the wall sleeve. An additional bitumen sheet completes this reliable sealing solution from UGA.

    The design of this customized parts ensures optimal sealing of the cables, which are difficult to bend and thick. Assembly is easy with the products, specially made for the construction site situation. If more cables need to be led through at a later date, all that is required is to insert a rubber press seal with an additional drilling. #challengecompletedBrauhaus-Gaffel-Bildergalerie-300x400 (2)C


    Alexander Berhardt

    Project manager

    "With UGA, we always have a reliable partner at our side who reacts quickly, cares about us as customers in the long term and has a customised solution for each of our very individual applications!"